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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sugar is good for you! (for Evie)

I was lucky enough for the great Evie to make a caption for me! Love her!

I'd thought Id try and be a good girl for once and send one back in good time!!

I hope she likes and you all do to - please leave me some feedback. Good or bad its all appreciated and it makes it easier to get my many ideas down on "paper"

I've also put this cap into the montly competition over at the Haven. It's my first time at doing so.

(Bit scared)



  1. Ohhh,I'd like to suck on that lolly. Sexy little series with a nice pay-off, thanks babe!

    The idea of sucking it more and more to become sluttier and sluttier is sooooo appealing.


  2. Ooooo thanks for the feedback babes!

    A lolly that ames you sluttier and is highly addictive? That's got my mind racing!