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Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Cougar Queen………………….

The Cougar Queen………………….

This a forerunner to a series of caps I have in my head. Any feedback would be great..
She was back. Sammie was back.

Her pathetic “younger” brother creator had made the fatal error in thinking she’d gone. The error of thinking he could control her desires. The mature femininity that resided inside his puny frame.

She knew that she had to stabilise the formula.  There had to be a way of ensuring she’d never have to return to that useless body. She couldn’t go through the agony again.

The agony of losing her curves. The pain of watching her magnificent breasts retreat into her body.  The misery of watching her gorgeous make up fade away. The utter humiliation of having that useless tube of flesh ruining her underwear.

But that was for later.  Now she was soooo horny. She had a longing, a longer she had to fulfil.

She bullshitted her way into this exclusive press event, where there were plenty of hot young bucks.  Plenty of hot young bucks for her to dominate.

She felt her silk panties moisten at the mere thought of it. The seduction, the sex, the power.  She felt alive, more alive then she’d ever felt as that pathetic teenage male geek.

“Sammie girl, they won’t be able to resist you.  The Cougar queen is back on the scene……….”